All day I’ve been trying to distract myself because this horrific story is quite close to home and almost too much to bare. Upon hearing it, we called all the parents with kids that walk home from our day camp unescorted and advised them that from here on in, all children regardless of age, must be picked up by a parent or guardian. No one walks home alone anymore… ever!

All over Facebook and through email, everyone is suggesting that we give the children we love a big hug today. That’s very good advice; and, we’d like to help. In memory of Leiby and all children who are not being loved and valued the way God intended, we are sending out free of charge to all who request it, a wonderful, powerful poster/booklet entitled, “150 Ways To Show Kids You Care.” 

Please pray for this family, the Jewish community and all those who are grieving over children who are suffering. Pray also for the 64 kids enrolled in the Our Space camp and 7 teens in our Leadership Exchange, our hardworking team, the families we serve and for Vacation Bible School’s and summer programs everywhere. And if you are in the NYC area and need licensed, professional counseling for your children, please call the Our Space Family Mental Health Center at (718) 333-0321 (Offices in Brooklyn and Manhattan).

I believe it’s time we re-establish the concept and calling to “Bless-A-Child.” (Stay tuned.) Meanwhile, to request your “150 Ways” booklet, free and without obligation, please click this link to be taken to the Google Docs Survey application:

The helpful booklet is not religious and does not proselytize in any way. It is sent free and postpaid without cost or obligation in English or Spanish (Please specify). Limit one per household, while supplies last. Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

God Bless the children,
Jim Esposito


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