”Energy rightly applied and directed will accomplish anything.” –Nellie Bly (Motto)

Bonobo | Cirrus
About quote:  Today in 1890 Nellie Bly completed her circumnavigation of the globe in just 72 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes, and 14 seconds after setting sail east to prove she could circle the globe in less than 80 days. 
About video: Animated music video for Bonobo by Cyriak using repurposed 1960s stock footage

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir | Battle Hymn of the Republic

Whatever your politics, the peaceful transition of power is a testimony to “We the People” and the republic for which we stand. Very pleased to have friends and colleagues affiliated with three of the choirs performing at the historic inauguration… PS 22, Lee University, and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.