The SMILE on this dog’s face is priceless! Scheduled for euthanasia, a mix-up of sorts, caused him to be pulled at the last minute. Please… RESCUE YOUR NEXT PET… I’d be glad to help you find a no-kill shelter or rescue agency to work with you.


One thought on “SO HAPPY!

  1. Hello BNB Family! We learned some new information pertaining to CAPPUCCINO’S rescue and wanted to share the update. While Rebound Hounds Rescue intended to to pull this sweet pittie from the shelter and followed protocol to do so (leading all to believe that it was "good to go"), their request was never formally processed (it is believed that there was a glitch in the system). While Rebound Hounds was understandably upset, they were able to pull a different pittie from the euthanasia list instead – which is wonderful! Here is where the ABSOLUTELY EXTRAORDINARY part comes in for Ms. CAPPUCCINO: A member of the BNB Family, MaryEllen, drove all the way to NYC from North Carolina last night & waited all night long for the opportunity to adopt CAPPUCCINO this morning!!! What a BEAUTIFUL, SELFLESS labor of love for which we are all so grateful! THANK YOU, MaryEllen, for exemplifying dedication, commitment, and LOVE in the PUREST FORM! We are speechless – almost 😉 – and completely overcome with emotion and gratitude. Perhaps this was fate working her magic, bringing this pittie to the forever family with which she was meant to be all along ♥By: Bruised Not Broken

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