We’d Ask You to Sell Chocolate if We Could, But…

We’ve discovered a creative way to engage The Circle’s loving and generous family in supporting some very outstanding and desperately hurting kids this summer.

We have connected with Guideposts to offer some inspiring and positive materials to you and your fellowship of friends… in order that we can offer scholarships to deserving kids and their families so they can participate with Our Space Summer Day Camp and Family Counseling programs, and allow Guideposts, also a non-profit organization to reach out to our troops around the world with encouragement and hope.

PLEASE, Please, please… HELP us! And keep reading…


It couldn’t be easier to really make a difference and help! 

  1. Print out the Product Description/Order Form (below) on standard size paper.
  2. Ask friends, neighbors, church members if they wouldn’t mind taking a subscription or ordering one of the other wonderful products.
  3. Complete the order form and collect a check (payable to NYCRC).
  4. When the sheet is filled (Just 5 orders), mail to NYCRC (order forms & checks).
  5. Go back to (1) and restart!

Products will be shipped directly to each individual order without any additional fee!

It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN Situation

  • WIN — Individual purchasers receive inspiring material to keep or give away!
  • WIN — Kids in Our Space summer camp and counseling programs are blessed beyond words!
  • WIN — Guideposts uses their proceeds from the sale to minister to our troops overseas!
  • WIN — Just for saying YES to helping out, we’ll send you a very lovely “Messiah” magnet

“Sounds like a plan! How do I sign up?

Just send an email to CIRCLENYCRC@AOL.COM with your full name and address (remember to include zip code) and we’ll send you the magnet (ahead of time!) and a return envelope.

Then follow the simple instructions (1-5) above… and children, families and our men and women in uniform will be helped, inspired and closer to God!

If you just rather make a donation to our scholarship fund, you can do so online:

Or, by mail:
NYCRC | P.O. Box 118 | Brooklyn, NY 11228-0118

A SPECIAL REQUEST: If you decide to follow our example and connect with Guideposts for your special project, that’s great! But please fill up an order sheet or two or send a generous contribution, as sort of a “finders fee” — so God will be sure to bless your fundraising as well.

If you have any questions, you can email us at the address above, or contact us at the number on the order form.

Thank you so much for your prayers, support and assistance. You do not know how much your support will mean to so many! God bless you!



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